Improving Pre Writing Skills In A Child

Our second blog post touched on how to combine drawing and colouring activities that included dots, strokes, lines and patterns to enhance ones pre writing ability. Now we dwell deeper into the very exciting topic of developing motor skills by using activities that accentuate the use of dots, strokes, lines and patterns. We will highlight […]

Colouring, Painting & Improving Pre Writing Skills

The ability to identify creative, educational and interactive methods to make learning fun is constantly on the minds of teachers, educators and parents. With methods and tools evolving, parents and teachers are always reviewing the benefits of their approaches. Nevertheless some methods form the foundation of making the learning experience exciting. Painting & Colouring activities […]

Developing Fine Motor Skills Using Arts & Craft Kits

Developing fine motor skills is essential because it helps your child build the skill set he or she will need to be successful in school. Painting is an entertaining activity for most children, and while your child is busy creating a masterpiece, he’s also building his fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are those that […]